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Philip Lean was born in Baltimore, Maryland on the same day that the

Beatles released their seminal album: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

Band," in the United States. Becoming a Beatles fanatic at a young age had

inspired Philip to learn to play the guitar by age 13.

          At age 14, Philip began playing bass guitar and co-founded the local

Baltimore band known as, "Prophecy." Soon after their founding, Philip's

older brother, Scott, joined Prophecy as lead singer. Over the next 7 years,

with Philip as  bassist/vocalist, Prophecy performed professionally in

Maryland, as well as in Fayetteville and Jacksonville, North Carolina, and St.

Croix, in the Virgin Islands. Prophecy became quite well-known in the

Baltimore area, even singing the National Anthem two times at Orioles

baseball games, and once at a Washington Bullets game between 1986 and


          After graduating from Pikesville Senior High School in 1985, Philip

went on to study music at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Graduating Magna Cum from UMBC in 1989 with a B.A. in Music Composition,

Philip was urged by his composition professor to continue his studies in the

renowned music department of University of California, San Diego. By the

Fall of 1989, Philip had moved to San Diego and begun to pursue a graduate

degree at UCSD. In 1992, Philip earned an M.A. in Music Composition from

UCSD and then continued on to complete all of the course work for a

Doctorate degree in Theoretical Studies In Voice at UCSD, by 1995.

        Just prior to completing the final stages of the PhD process however,

Philip was offered an employment opportunity by former Prophecy lead

guitarist, Steven Stern, now working Los Angeles as a TV/film composer.

Very much needing a break from 24 continuous years of schooling, Philip

gladly accepted the position working with his old friend.

       From 1995 through 1999, Philip worked with Steven in LA, developing

musical themes; composing; co-producing; editing; orchestrating; and

arranging music in three feature films: Bloody Murder, Indiscreet, and The

Beneficiary, as well as in two Showtime sci-fi series': The Outer Limits and

Poltergeist: The Legacy.

       All throughout Philip's years at UCSD and while in Los Angeles, he

continued performing live music in the San Diego area. In 1990, during his

first year at UCSD, Philip had been introduced to local San Diego vocalists/

guitarists: James (J.G.) Gossett and Paul Hayward, who were then

performing as an acoustic/electric duo. After regularly sitting-in with them

as a guest performer, Philip was asked to permanently join them as bassist/

guitarist/vocalist. The new trio called themselves, “The Self Righteous

Brothers,” and they performed throughout the mid-1990's, until Paul moved

to San Francisco.

        In 1992, Self Righteous Brother, J.G., met vocalist/musician John 

Toomey and introduced him to Philip. Philip, J.G. and John immediately

discovered that the blending of their three voices was magical! Stellar vocal

harmonies quickly became the new trio’s trademark, and they chose the

name, “Four Way Street.” Strongly inspired by Crosby, Stills and Nash; The

Eagles; and The Beatles, Four Way Street, began rehearsing for


        Philip still performs with Four Way Street, and has also been regularly

performing solo, in duos, in trios, as well as in some other local San Diego

ensembles, including Ron’s Garage, since the late 1990’s. During Philip's solo

performances, he sings and alternates between playing acoustic/electric

guitar and keyboards. In duos, trios, and full bands, Philip sings and often

plays bass guitar, as well as acoustic/electric guitar and keyboards.  

       During the summer of 2000, Philip was hired as the Vocal Director at

Francis Parker School. At first, Mr. Lean's primary responsibilities were

teaching the Middle School Chorus (grades 6-8), and the Upper School Vocal

Ensemble (9-12). Upon his arrival however, some enthusiastic Upper School

students asked Mr. Lean to help them form an A Cappella vocal ensemble and

to direct it. He happily accepted and the club has been performing ever since.

The students named their group "Acappella Anonymous," and just prior to

the graduation of their first founding members, Mr. Lean began recording

Acappella Anonymous and the Upper School Vocal Ensemble. The students

titled their excellent CD, "Got Harmony? "

         During the 2004-5 school year, Mr. Lean submitted "Got Harmony?" to

the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and it became one of the 4

finalists in the Best High School Album category. Mr. Lean's arrangement of

"Drive My Car" was also selected to be one of the 4 finalists in the Best

Arrangement category.

          Several of Mr. Lean's Vocal Ensemble and Acappella Anonymous

students have gone on to become successful members of some very

competitive A Cappella ensembles in colleges such as: Yale; Stanford; USC;

Tufts; Brown; Carnegie Mellon; North Western; the University of Michigan;

and St. Lawrence University.

          During the 2001/2002 school year, Mr. Lean was the Musical Director

for Francis Parker's theatrical production of, "Oliver!" During the 2002/2003

school year, he was the Vocal Director of the Parker children's choir (middle

school students) in Francis Parker's theatrical production of, "Joseph And

The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." During the 2003/2004 school year,

Mr. Lean began directing the newly formed Middle School A Cappella club,

Midrange.” Then, at the start of the 2004/2005 school year, he became the

director of the Upper School Contemporary Guitar Ensemble, as well.

          Mr. Lean creates many of the arrangements performed by each of his

ensembles: Middle School Chorus, Upper School Vocal Ensemble, Acappella

Anonymous, the Middle School A Cappella club, and the Contemporary Guitar

Ensemble. From time to time, he even completely composes pieces for them

to perform.

          During the Spring of 2008, Philip Lean and fellow Parker teachers,

Michael Gonzales and Claudio Martin, along with drummer Gary Taylor,

formed a rock band called “Gonzology.”  Gonzology performs challenging

rock songs by: Led Zeppelin; RUSH; Yes; The Police; and Deep Purple; as

well as many other outstanding classic rock hits.